Is it possible to make $50 to $70 per day with a 4K account in YM ??

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jimmygold, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Been on a simulator with YM last 2 months. Just in last couple of weeks have been steadily profitable. And I am becoming very comfortable with developing my methodology in trading this vehcle.

    I swing Trade regular stocks as full time Living and have taken up Emini trading to tackle a new challenge and earn a few extra bucks on top of my swing trading profits. Plus, I sit around all day waiting for swing trades to come to fruition so I have some freed up time to do the emini. And YM is closest to my style of trading

    I am starting out with just a small account for right now of about 4k in YM and look to consistently earn after commissions about $55 to $65 per day !!

    I would be esctatic to be able to accomplish this. I know its not alot but it really would be like found money for me on top of my regular trading profits.
    And I have been working extremely hard and diligently in approaching and studying YM Trading in the last few months..

    Just wondering from any of you experienced YM traders or other emini traders if this is realistic ??

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    what kind of sim with what datafeed are you using?
  3. Strategy Runner at Global Futures
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    Yes you can make 60.00 a day with a 4K account.
  5. Yes, you *can* make $60 per day, but your likelihood
    of doing so consistently, trading futures, over a year or
    more, is low. Less than a one in ten chance, and that is
    being generous. This applies to you JimmyGold and to
    SarahG as well.

    Shoot for $6 per day, or even $12. Aiming for $60 per day
    almost guarantees you will blow out your account.

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    Why would 60.00 a day blow out my account? If I trade one contract a day on the ES and aim for 1 point(4 ticks), then that is $50.00 a day(not counting commissions). Doesn't seem very hard to do. No?

    One tick in the ES is worth $12.50 per contract. So you are saying to try and make only one tick a day on the ES? Then minus commissions, that will half. So about $6.00 you say we should go for? What is your figuring? Are you saying we should try to make 1% of our total capital invested? So 1% of a 4K trading investment is $4.00 a day? Is that what you are saying?
    I guess if it only take 10 seconds to make that $4.00, then it would be ok. But I can't pay my bills on $4.00 a day.
  7. Yes Jimmygold,

    You can definitely average $50 to $70 a day on a 4K account, trading either the ES, YM or NQ.

    Now, on some days you can (obviously) make much more than that, and on others you can take a loss, but it's quite doable to average $50 or $100 per day trading these financials instruements, with little to no risk of "blowing your account".

    Good Luck and Good Trading,

    Jimmy Jam
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    I think Kevin Schmitt sounds more qualified to answer the question. He sounded like he knows what he is talking about. It's not possible to make $50.00 day every day with a starting of a 4K account without losing in the end.

    No offense JimmyJam, but you said in previous posts that you use the free quotetracker to keep track of your stocks. Everybody knows that software is an amateur beginner software for people just starting out. I don't think you have been trading long enough to give accurate information.

    I thought it was possible also, but now I don't.
  9. LOL
  10. That's what I thougth one day "Its just a point!!!!!!!!! Can't be too hard!!!!" .

    Reminder for all newbies: Yes, it's hard! It is hard to make a meager 1 point on average after slippage and commissions in the ES consistently 200 trading days a year!!!!
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