Is it possible to make $2000 on a $5000 account EVERYDAY?

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  1. I just found a blog where this person is doing that :eek: ..for the last three weeks
  2. No shit , sign me up......damn , i've been waiting this.
  3. Is he trying to sell you his picks? Run away...
  4. Yes it's possible...mathematically. It's not likely though. But then again, that's not what you asked.
  5. he trades order floew he says. is order flow good to make $2000 a day with? He only trades 3 contracts
  6. We can make that much if we are very careful and buy when stocks hit extreme oversold.

    Trade stocks like BIDU RIMM AAPL. 1000 RIMM shares today is $3000.

    Know the stocks by heart. Prepare where the next target is and how a stock responds to the market. It was clear today that RIMM was going to hit $65 (close to. I don't sell at an even number).
  7. Of course those numbers are possible. What is not possible is to have 100% consistency. 100% consistency for 3 weeks does not mean 100% consistent.

    My guess it's a futures scalper, using $500 or less intra day margin. Nothing is held overnight. Just do the math.

    8 S&P mini contracts = $4000 needed to enter, per trade.

    8 x 2 ticks x $12.50 a tick = $200
    Commissions, let's say $4 RT per contract = 8 x 4 = $32

    profit per trade net commission = $168

    1) A 5K account could trade a MAXIMUM of 10 contracts at least 1 time using intra day margin of $500 per contract. Intra day margin requirements are negotiable, so it is possible an experienced scalper would have a lesser intra day per contract requirement.

    2) Scalpers negotiate significantly reduced commissions ($4 rt would be extremely high) due to very high (daily) volume. It would not be surprising for the scalper to have exchange membership.

    3) Scalpers enter (and exit) dozens if not hundreds of trades per day. In the above example, 12 successful trades would produce $2016 net commission. The question is how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop. When you can answer that for yourself, you will know that you know how to play the game.
  8. Everyone on ET makes 40% on their account daily.

    Only pikers do less than that.
  9. Of course. Simply come to ET and find a few complete idiots who have no idea how to trade. Landis82 and BiLoSellHi come to mind. Observe their posts and see what they are doing and then do the opposite. You can't lose.
  10. Be careful, I heard of a guy like this that would only reveal his system after you allowed him to Sod%$^% your #$% for 3 hours.
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