Is it possible to have every single member that logs on to see a poll that is posted?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by FreedomPhighter, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. What I mean is that when users log on, the first screen they would see is the poll where they can choose whether or not they wish to answer it. I think such a feature will add to the quality of this website because rather than just getting 30 or 40 responses to the poll, nearly every member (what is it now 18,000 members?) will see the poll and have the opportunity to answer it. I imagine that many members miss out on many of the polls that are posted because they do not check out the appropriate threads. Let me know what you think about the idea

  2. Baron

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    That still wouldn't make much difference. Even if I added a section on the homepage for the latest poll, the poll content itself would constantly be changing to reflect the last poll that was entered.

    So at best, a poll would probably only be only the homepage for a brief period of time before it got replaced by a newly created one.
  3. Magna

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    I think many members purposely avoid the plethora of polls on ET (geez, maybe we should start a poll on that too...). Personally, I wouldn't want to have every new poll that comes along be "in my face".
  4. ktm


    I will rarely answer polls. Many are so stupid to be not worth the time to view them. People are posting polls for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. We have been polled to death. It's one thing to post a poll about the Dow reaching 9000, but a poll over whether God exists? and now one to vote for how many people IB employs? It's gone too far.

    If I weren't so against them, I'd start a poll to see if people wanted to get rid of polls.
  5. FP...

    you mentioned before that your new here and didn't realize how things worked...

    here's a heads up...

    many members are tired of reading polls because many of the polls members are tired of reading...

    doesn't apply nor help with providing in useful info to their trading...

    other than to the person that started the poll.

    For example...

    Lets say I start a poll that saids...

    Which is better for scalpers?

    ATI Financial
    or Other

    Lets say I start a different poll later that day that saids...

    I hate my trading job at XYZ...should I stay or should I quit?

    or stupid question

    Hopefully you can tell from the two examples above which polls that traders will be more interested and which one is just another silly poll.

    Now...since you've been've posted mainly (understatement) about Oxford.

    If you can't figure out by now...that's a subject most here don't care about other than attacking your method of delivery...

    your analytical skills will need a refresher course.

    Simply...lets not make anymore suggestions about making EliteTrader a Yahoo! like message board eventhough that's not what you specifically said....

    yet would result in such if Barron takes suggestions like such and apply it.

    I've personally ignored many polls because how the poster presented the poll or via the poll question itself...

    not relevant to helping me become a better trader or giving me useful info.

    If you think a poll or your poll with help EliteTraders via reading and responding to it...

    poll poll and more polls.

    P.S. Your low poll response you hint to...maybe has occur for a very good reason...

    Traders have no interest in it after reading whom started the poll and maybe the style of delivery or the question itself.


  6. Nope!
  7. Your point is well taken. I just thought it would be nice to have the poll actually mean something (the bigger the sample, the more likely the poll will accurately reflect what most traders think about the question).

  8. GannFreak


    The easiest solution is to ignore all of candletrader's poll and 1/2 of the stupid polls are weeded out...