Is it possible to earn on a life working on forex

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    Hi everybody!!!
    Is it possible to earn on a life working on forex. Please answer impartial and without advertising
    Thank you
  2. unlikely. Forex traders seem to struggle to be profitable at all for sustained periods, and are prone to major blowups at inoppurtune times. Source of this is observing many forex systems going under at various auditing websites.

    Although the truth is, most futures. options and leveraged stock traders don't do a whole lot better.

    As always, there seems to be a few who can trade. And there are the 95-98% who continue to try and learn how to do that.
  3. I do and have been for a while now.
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    I have 3 years of experience with currencies.

    I wish someone would have told me to start with index futures first. I wouldn't have wasted all that time. I didn't know any better.
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    yes. but the failure rate is no different than with any other trading instrument.
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    People make money of gambling, this isnt any different.
    Its just a gamble! Educated gambling that is.

    Fact number 1: You will lose money
    Fact number 2: Read Fact number 1

    Like in any other "gambling game" you have to figure out how to lose "less" money.
  8. I doubt that strongly. With 1:100 leverage, you can turn fx movements into something more volatile than anything found in other markets. Unfortunately, leverage is necessary since fx moves so slowly. In the stock market it is possible to still profit without leverage.
  9. Seems some people haven't quite grasped the concept of money management and control of risk....oh no wait that's trading, I forgot, we're all just gamblers :D
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    I have to see a first major blowup at an opportune time :D

    to answer the OP's question: I do hope so, I am going fulltime in a month and a half. I could be living allready of what I make now trading 4 hours in the evening (CET).
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