is it possible to de-link Financial Advisor?

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    Is it possible to de-link your Interactive Broker account from your current Financial Advisor (or from your current Family Master account?)

    If yes, then how?

    For example: am dissatisfied with my current Advisor, then what are my options?
    I do not see in IB account settings a possibility to initiate a de-link from Advisor.

    Or are there some kind of application needed to be sent to IB?
  2. Robert Morse

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    Yes you can, but you will have to contact IB support to walk you through it.
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  3. tommcginnis


    Yes, with these sorts of architecture questions, IB is usually very helpful.
    Four factors that impact what happens next are:
    1) current market footprint: what assets, and in what markets, does the account currently hold?
    2) trading rights: what access did the client account have (with IB) to the markets?
    3) {minor issue} market info: does the account pay its own market data fees?
    4) {medium issue} 48-hour window: client-initiated changes usually require a 48-hour window to allow the FA orderly exits from positions.

    So, the footprint and trading rights issues are biggies: how does the account owner exit positions/markets where they may have been placed, without [attempting to] trade in markets/situations for which they are not 'qualified'?

    Absent current holdings issues, these cites will get you started {in reverse}:
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