Is it possible to day trade $20 million+

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    Anyone think it is possible to day trade stocks (not futures and close out positions by end of day) with buying power in excess of $20 million?

    It can be frustrating to close out of 20,000+ share positions at end of day without slippage. So unless you are trading S&P100 names where there isn't much money to be made, I would think it would be a great liquidity hurdle to day trade stocks with greater than $15 or $20 million buying power. The good day trading stocks are usually under $10 billion market cap and often do not accomadate 30,000 share positions. Some do, but not day in day out.

    So therefore I assume that virtually nobody is daytrading with $20 and $30 million buying power in stocks. Am I wrong?

    So if you have $30 million+ with which to day trade, you won't be day trading stocks. I guess currencies or futures would be your only bet. I guess thats why hedge funds are all in Spyders and futures.
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  5. ... Day trading with 20mill on a few names Give it a try, lol. That should be funny.
  6. The larger Schoney guys STILL have that kind of Buying Power - When they do max out their lines -- they probably would have alot of spy's and qqqq's in the mix !!!!! Alot I think right now is being very selective and maxing out size when a stock is a having a special day - and not playing the same stocks day in and day out !!!!

  7. might be possible with big sector moves, but picking single stocks with that $ would spell suicide, unless you can cut a deal with a specialist.
  8. Picking a single stock and hiting it with $20M and then
    have to deal with specialists too? what a headache :mad:
  9. would imagine difficult for discretionary, but quite possible with program, blackbox, etc. ie, trades 500-1000 stocks at once, 500 shares each long & short mix, lower systemic risk.

  10. 20 mil in a single stock wouldn't be too smart -- but when a stock is having a stand out day - I am sure some traders (not me-not even close) are buying 50,000 shares of a nice thick slow mover --- but I agree with how thin stocks can get - its not easy - I guess its all relative to ones account size and tolerance for P&L swings -- Maybe in the past a guy would trade 5,000 to 10,000 shares of 10 to 15 stocks - now maybe they are looking to increase their size and only play the so-called "stocks of the day"

    ... and people with access to this kind of capital seem to be trading 2 accounts - one a shorter term day trading account and the other a multi-day swing account ----
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