is it possible to cut in line on the bid/ask que

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  1. i enter my orders on ES somtimes like 30 minutes before my bid/ask gets hit and i still don't get a fill sometimes unless price trades all the way thru the bid/ i ask are people cutting the line in front of me??? is this possible??
  2. You can check:

    How many are on the price level when you join and how many trade at that level prior to your fill? Since its is FIFO fills and not pro rata it should be easy to check.
  3. I think that is how you can tell the paper traders from the people using money.

    I have been at the top or bottom tick many times but I only get filled maybe once out of 25 times. People who pop in and say they got the top bottom tick are mostly liars.

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    not people but I suspect automation orders do it.
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    i think i saw this feature on X_trader, im not sure though, ive seen it demoed for me at TT where they program the thing.

    where it tells a # of what position in line you are.
  6. It's safe to assume on the ES that if you are sitting with a limit order it MUST trade through to get filled. Just work under that assumption. If that's not acceptable, you can easily get fills on the ER2 or YM easily, even the NQ for the most part.
  7. Would these unfilled limit stops have traded in your favour for the next 4-5 ticks and beyond had they been filled.
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    there is something like preferred market maker status on GLOBEX that indeed does let you cut in front of the line. This was explained on an ET thread sometime in the past, with a link to the globex description of such.
  9. If you could provide a link or two, that would be much appreciated.
  10. I don't think that preferred status applies to the ES, and I don't understand the OP's problem, I get filled at the ask easily. But I'm only trading 1 or 2 lots.
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