Is it possible to create autotrade system without knowing programming?

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  1. I have no clue about programming. Is there a software out there design for a dummy like me? I prepared a roadmap each night that give me the S/R levels. I would go long at support and short at resistance. I want to enter these levels the night before and have the sofware automatically enter the trade for me and exit accordingly when the market open. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

  2. sounds to me like you just want to enter orders in advance? you don't need to program for this. what kind of broker are you using? using IB would allow you to enter all kinds of limit and stop orders at the beginning of the day....
  3. I have IB. I can always enter a limit order in advance but what about exit and trailing stop strategy. IB does not allow me to do that.
  4. look @
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    first make a limit order;

    then on the right of that order line, right click to find "attach"--> "auto trailing stop" (or others);
  6. I have never done any auto-coding/trading but I believe tradestation or Amibroker are fairly intuitive, and you don't need any programming background.

    I don't think you need to know anything like

    cout>>lots of money;

    If you have some basic programming experience it does help, however.

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    what's this buttontrader about? and what does it have to do with learning about programing the codes?
  8. Could you please elaborate on this a little more?

    I'm very interested in the ouput of this code sample, could you provide the full code? Thanks
  9. don't mess around with ButtonTrader, that's a horrible. The only automated trading system is smartquant. Look at my posts about smartquant, In Comparision of Automated Trading Systems listed in this section
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