Is it possible to create a permanent poll with repository of archives?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by dtrader98, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Some other trading sites have permanent polls each week (start monday-end friday) that request where a major index (S&P500) will land in the following week . Also, the archives are stored and available for future access. If not that detailed,
    even a higher, lower, flat poll would be nice.

    Can a moderator or someone with the capability to do so, generate one here?

    P.S. It is susceptible to multiple aliases adding votes, but not sure that would really dilute the ultimate information content that much. Consistency is key.
  2. To what purpose does having 300 uninformed people randomly guess where it will be, do?

    It will not make money, it will not be accurate, and there are already many sites wasting their time doing this...

    This is not People magazine. It is a trading forum.
  3. There is a purpose to everything. Ever consider that what might be irrelevant to your myopic world just might be useful to others? Your opinion is duly noted; although impertinent and unnecessary, as you obviously have no control over the response to this request.
  4. Yes, Inspector Gadget. Except the entire thing is still a complex waste of time. But way to go on proving the value on using your Harry Potter Big Book of 3 and 4 Syllable Words Which Make You Feel Good but Look Bizarre to All Others.
  5. nitro


    Your malevolent null factors have repudiated your platitudes with anachronism.
  6. Bizarre to those who didn't make it past k-12, perhaps. But I forgot-- this is elite trader, not competent scholar. I'll make an effort to dumb down my vernacular, in consideration of posters like yourself.

    Careful on the big words, nitro. You just might overload his 2 bit CPU; then, he'll run and complain to the mods that they weren't in his 'People magazine' dictionary.:D
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    As opposed to reading your posts being a simple waste of time?

    I'm not sure what that means, but I'm sure I agree with it.

  8. Quote from dtrader98:

    Bizarre to those who didn't make it past k-12, perhaps.

    Sorry, keep working on it and you might just get that GED...

    But I forgot-- this is elite trader, not competent scholar.

    And you think clever taunts painting others as noncompetent makes yourself as as a scholar? I doubt your education would hold up to mine.

    I'll make an effort to dumb down my vernacular

    The request was dumb enough. You mistake is not grasping its nonvalue. 50 people giving their opinion is still not going to relate to where the market is in an hour, day or year. Trying to wander around fluffing up your feathers with 11th grade vocab words and insults does not impress. It basically means you need to distract from the issue because you had nothing more to say. Try growing up and learning something called "debate the issues" because 6th graders using taunt words only reveals mental deficiiencies.
  9. Don't you mean INCOMPETENT?

    LMFAO! :D