Is it possible to consistently scalp the S&P

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Jax, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Jax


    I have been backtesting some different strategies around the emini S&P and came across the idea of trying to scalp the index for 1-2 ticks at a time. Anyone have any success implementing a similar strategy?
  2. I saw something like that on the Tradestation Forum. It worked in theory only I think. The guy said he's gonna write a book. :p
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    When you say "tick" do you mean the minimum .25 fluctuation or a full point?
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    Forget it! Scalping one or two ticks is strictly for floor traders and small, small fees etc.

    Think more of the daily swings, opening range breakouts, pivots etc. Make your daily mission to catch the main portion of the runs (swings).

    and if you are just starting out do "ONE" contract at a time to learn, not two ONE. If you do that maybe you will survive.

    Do "ONE" at a time, do 2 or 3 quality trades a day, every day for a whole year. Then in a year look how far you have progressed. I bet even you will be surprised.

    Good this game haste makes waste...go slow, learn something everyday...Do not be the salmon in the Geico commercial...:D
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    .25 fluctuation
  6. ... anything is possible... but I haven't attempted.
  7. I say you can't, or may be too hard.

    Reason is the tick value in S&P, Each tick is $12.5 used to be
    for back then where S&P moves had more rang

    I think to make scalping possible, S&P tick should be $4-$6
    today for same contract $ value
  8. I know a guy who makes around $5,000- 10,000 a day
    doing this.

    35-50 ES contracts.

    scalpes 2 ticks
    or 1 tick

    very doable.

    Its almost mechanized though
    Its all about how much you know about how the markets move.
    Its not random.
  9. I think you alias goes with your talking very nicely.

    What the words "VERY DOABLE" means?
    That guy who is doing it consistantly now, might has been an ass merchandize to others for nearly 10-15years