is it possible to automatically post my trades on ET in realtime?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by clearpicks, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Is there a simple way to automatically post my signals/trades on ET in realtime? I would like to open a journal to track my trades/signals. Any way to do it automatically in real time? My program can write transaction records to a text file on harddisk whenever I make a trade or my system generates a signal, but how to copy and past the records in the text file to my journal on ET automatically? Any idea?

    - Clearpicks
  2. cstfx


    You would probably need a decent working knowledge of php or hire someone who can get into the nuts and bolts of the forum software to write something that would be able to do what you want it to do based on the software rules. Not that you could actually change the forum software but I believe this forum is built on vbulletin php and if you can understand it's software code you might be able to craft something. Forum software is not designed for this type of automation or rapid entry.

    You might be better served tweeting your calls/trades and having your journal reference the twitter timeline. There's software that can be utilized for auto-tweeting. You may want to look at sticktwits if the purpose of your journal is to get some public exposure for your calls.
  3. byteme


    Yes, it's possible.

    It will require some programming skills though. People make this kind of software all of the time - primarily for spamming forums.

    Your case is a little simpler since you don't need automate and get past the sign-up process.

    You can use any programming language that is capable of speaking HTTP i.e. just about any language out there today (it doesn't have to be PHP). Indeed, a desktop client (software that runs on your PC) is probably better for your purposes.

    Basic Instructions:

    Simply make an HTTP POST to the following URL:

    Where XXXXX is the id of the thread you want to post to.

    You will need to have form fields that match those found on the reply page e.g. title, message etc.

    Oh, you will also need to do an HTTP POST to login to your account and handle cookies.

    You can use an off-the-shelf screen scraping tool to do the above or to at least record the request/responses when you login and post which should get you started.

    Or, you can get someone to write it for you.

    Try somewhere like or or

    Shouldn't have to pay more than $50. 2 hour job.

    If you want it hooked up to your trading platform, that's extra work but again, not that difficult depending on the trading platform/API/hooks available.

    [EDIT] Sorry, just read your post again...since your platform writes to a file/'ll need a file watcher program as part of the equation. If you could get your platform to send e-mails instead that might be a little easier to hook up either's doable.

    So, you could have the software post to ET automatically when your trade is filled.

    If you do a search, there's a good chance that there is already software written for posting on vBulletin that you can use.

    As per the other responder, vBulletin, especially the version that ET is presumably running on, pre-dates the times when web services/APIs became common and as such, aren't really set up to do this kind of thing as seamlessly as Twitter et al.


    Doing this sort of thing might be against ET policy but to be honest, I think ET should develop this kind software and give it to people posting in the Journals forum.

    The ET software might also be set up to block this kind of thing automatically by checking referrers, tokens etc. in which case the whole discussion is moot and it is not actually possible to do.
  4. bharatk8


    Posting live trades on blogspot seems simpler.Is there any off-the-shelf utility/software/work around for it?
  5. byteme


    Yes, e-mail.