Is it possible to achieve the right state of mind for trading?

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    I was asking myself if a trader after a couple of years can achieve a state of mind that makes trading less stressful

    I think yes

    If you gain experience and you trust your methond you'll feel less stressed

    Newbies are more stressed then pro traders

    what do you think?
  2. The simple answer is YES.

    I have developed a method using aspects of "Law of Attraction" mechanical visualization techniques that have had some excellent results. You want your mind to have operational trading habits that are not influenced by destructive psychology while operating your trades. This is the key, to have very operationally efficient and constructive psychology while within the actual operations of your trading. You can train your mind to operate from an extremely efficient mentality which is of low stress and very clear thought.
  3. it is possible of course, but it takes time and a willingness to change a lot of habits quickly.

  4. stree free trading happens only after you've watched the market everyday for over 3 years and you've seen it all.......and you finally stop the stupidity of fighting the trend, averaging down, trading overleveraged, revenge trading, and getting stopped out on noise.
  5. Famliarize yourself with the financial media. Conflicting news creates stress. If you don't know what to believe, you have a problem.
  6. <cite>Is it possible to achieve the right state of mind for trading? </cite><p>I really cannot answer this question. But I still keeping watching the movie Hard Eight starring Phillip Baker Hall. I want to achieve that guy's state of mind. I do not smoke Camels, drink Glenlivet, always wear white shirts and sharkskin suits but I want to traverse the trading world as coolly as this guy walks around Vegas and Reno.
  7. The answer.
    Unless you really know what you are doing. You have to operate, professionally, a very accurate system of trading. It must be so good there is no room for doubt, tension & stress.

    Mostly you have noobs & wannabes in various stages of not knowing sh*t from sh*t. They still want to trade regardless.
  8. Yes it is totally possibel. Start with a few swigs of JD just before th open. Then as the chop zone rears its ugly head, kick back and have a few pulls of some Purple Haze followed by a few more hits off that JD.

    Pace yourself, keep the amount of cars under 20 or 10 or whatever and in time it'll all be clear to you my son and always remember, the smoker you get the player you drink.

    Grasshopper out.....
  9. Yes you can you need to practice, practice, practice to be perfect someday.
  10. A lot will disagree, but I think the key to stress free trading is to have a detached attitude towards money and realize it is all just a fascinating, fun, intellectual game. Don't trade with more than you are ultimately OK with losing. I seem to remember a survey in Trader Magazine that basically said this was the number one common trait among very successful traders. How else are you going to handle market swings without giving in to fear or greed?
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