Is it possible Ken Lay is still alive?

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  1. So I was flipping around the tv and came across an old cnbc special about Enron and its fraudulent collapse and what not. So I was thinking about Ken Lay and his sudden death right before he was about to go to jail..

    so from wiki

    Lay's death has given rise to various conspiracy theories claiming he is still alive.[26] Suspicions include the timing of his death (while awaiting sentencing in a case several colleagues had already been convicted for), the fact that he was on vacation in a rural and unpopulated part of Colorado, the cremation of his body after death, and his close relationship with the Bush family.[27] His autopsy report also contains an error concerning his date of death; in one instance July 5, which was a Wednesday, is listed in one place as "Tuesday." [28]
  2. I'm not a conspiracy nut.I'm not a truther,birther or believe that Sarah Palins last child is actually her grandchild.With that said I find the Kenneth Lay thing pretty dam fishy:cool:
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    In other words, you are just like the birthers and truthers. Go figure.
  4. Yeah,because people faking their death to avoid jail sentences is just as likely as US Presidents flying planes into buildings and conspiracies involving an illegal US President,2 newspapers from over 50 years ago,state governors,state health department directors etc
  5. I'll add that wall street guys would never fake their death to avoid jail sentences ...oh wait
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    It's not about whether something is possible or not, it's about you "believing it". Anything is possible. A conspiracy nut is a "believer".
  7. A conspiracy nut is a believer in something that is isn't supported by any conclusive evidence and contrasts with institutional analysis

    Lay had the means, motive, and opportunity to fake his own death
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    You are absolutely wrong. All conspiracies are rooted in facts. That is what sustains them. Its how the facts are arranged and the relationship they have to one another that can lead one on an endless journey to nothingness.
  9. If in your mind a person who thinks that a rich guy who is about to spend the rest of his life in prison might fake his death and a person who thinks the President of the US conspired to fly planes into 2 buildings and the pentagon are the same so be it
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    "if in your mind". That is the key phrase. It's about what "you" believe. You are not basing Ken Lay being alive on any facts although you could come up with a lot minor facts that would support it. It's what you are "choosing" to believe that matters.
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