Is it possible for bubbles to bust softly?

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  1. Hong kong, China property market. Commodity prices, especially crude ( which is supposed to have a supply glut and weak real demand) stockmarkets in the US, China stock markets (which are trading at 30P/E)

    The huge liqudity rush, racing beyond fundementals.

    Can bubbles ever land softly?
  2. Yes.
    It appears he is wearing a helmet, also.

  3. If so, examples are rare.

    Investors rationalize the high prices and bubble blowers keep telling us "it's not a bubble".
  4. jorgez


    Think about it!

    You would be asking Buyers and Sellers to accept and settle on constantly slowing prices.
  5. He crashed into the grave early didn't he?

    But on a more serious note yah? Not some dead pop star and his chimp.
  6. You can google Greenspan and soft landing, the man who gave us irrational exhuberance gave us soft landing. Boyaah!
  7. We apparently bought into the idea of a "soft landing", just as we did Obama's crapola.

    GreenScam pontificated, "I can PUMP THE SHIT out of money supply and credit.... then 'let the air out slowly' when things get dicey".... Hahahahaha..

    Are we STUPID, or what??
  8. Naw, we're not stupid, I just can't figure out who he was talking to. Maybe he was talking to Congress and other assorted politicians, my guess it was probably pension funds and other assorted investors with no accountabilty so they'd keep on investing, maybe sophisticated foreign countires.:confused:
  9. Interesting question: I would say no. By definition a bubble only exists because the counter-trend forces are so weak as to allow the bubble to expand.
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