Is it over yet?

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    So, my friends, what do you think, could Obama be everything we expected... and more?
    This guy is simply exciting. Capping government salaries, throwing the lobbyists out of Washington and who knows what's next.
    It looks like we are in a unique period of history where we have a president who's been elected truly by the people. Obama doesn't owe the rich anything! his campaign was funded by the people, $25 each and 80% of Americans have given him the mandate to "go gettem". And that's exactly what he's doing.
    Speaking of the lobbyists.. they have been greasing Washington lawmakers forever to get favorable legislation regarding, gun control, energy spending, Pharmaceutical benefits and so much more.
    I believe we are heading for the biggest revolution of our times and have full faith that our president will be consistently weeding out all the legal wrongs that have plagued our nation since as long as we can remember. This is a true reformer and revolutionary and I support him 100%.
    I believe this is where the market will turn. As optimism levels rise, so will our economy and the market.
    God bless Obama. Do your thing baby, we're all behind you!
  2. Your revision of election results is interesting, Obama 52.9%-McCain 45.7%, far from a mandate or landslide as evidenced by the Senate as well. He is our president and I support and respect him, your pesentation of facts shows you do not respect the truth.
  3. I oddly am feeling the same way as you are. I hope it's is only the beginning! I'm proud to be an American
  4. Considering what was stacked up against him, I would say he did pretty well.
  5. Watch it... nobody likes to hear THAT! :D
  6. You are a young person, right? (We old farts are SCARED to be American!)
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    The salary freeze for government workers applies to 100 government workers. Even less than a drop in the bucket.

    Number of lobbyists thrown out of Washington == 0. He just prohibited anyone working in his admin from lobbying for 5 years after leaving. The same restrictions Clinton had.

    Not to say he won't do some good at some point, but these are do-nothing platitudes with no substance.
  8. Ok I won't start the hate bomb, lets just say Tuna that you need to go a bit more on critical analysis of facts and less on emotions. At the rate the country is going, you better take politics damn seriously or it will only get worse.
  9. Here is the next levels to the downside near term.
    I see levels of 6400-6600. Followed by a bull rally past 9800 by year end conservatively...

    If you check my posts you will se I am usually right. I was early on the Oil call but I am still bullish on a 150 price run from these levels. I like the DBO as a safe play for the retirment portfolio.

    I know some novice traders will say what does trading have to do with retirement. The answer is simple. If your retirement funds are not safe there is no way in hell you can trade effectively. That called Vegas betting on black.

    Any way Choose your GTC levels and put them in 15% below where you think you will get hit. Sit back and trade the DIA daily.

    I told you about Southwest Airlines... They are finished and I will personally put the nail in their coffin. As the Emperor of the shorts I had to show the market what power is yielded here.
    Watch Gern. Geron is a major blockbust
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