Is it open season on a principled black conservative?

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    Posted on April 13, 2011 at 8:50pm
    by Emily Esfahani Smith Print

    Rep. Allen West, who received a derogatory letter with mysterious white powder in it last week, has some stern words for his menacing critics.

    From The Hill:

    In that letter, West wrote, “This incident, is just another in several incidents that have occurred over the last couple of years and, have put me in quite a bad mood.”

    He ended his letter on a bit of a macho note: “Let me be very clear to all reading this missive, but mostly to liberals who subscribe to this behavior, be careful of whom you are choosing to employ these tactics against…I consider myself an easy-going fella who will always engage in intense intellectual exchange. However, if you choose this path of personal attacks, intimidation, and threats you will encounter a very different Congressman (LTC. Ret) Allen B. West.
  2. Hey Gabfly, you have something to say to yourself.


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    I knew this article was bullshit after the first few words..... we all know the only people who are victims of racism are democrats/left wingers.
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    They better not mess with Col. West or they will be sorry.
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    No they wont because the bi partisan, post racial NAACP will definately stick up for Col. West.....
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    Reminds me of how Kennedy tore into Thomas; if any non liberal did it, it would have been "racist" to all MSM outlets.
  7. Regrettably, a black conservative, is often viewed as a man without a country. Assessing the words black and conservative, blacks view him as a Tom in the vast majority of cases, and conservatives seem to tolerate him as long as it aligns with their overall interests. He is a member of the club, but notionally. And as we all know, notional value has nothing to do with actual value. And so, since he is a man without a country, so to speak, it is a precarious situation for him.

    Now there will be some conservative who will be the dog that was hit and go howling. How about this, convince Alan West to run for President. Or, if two black presidents in a row is just too much, then have the GOP pick him as a Veep. Then we will see what is what:)
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    Notice the underlying implication. That conservative must = hate for non-white people. The classic libel we've so often heard. But, way to squeeze in an affirmative action mandate there. :D

  9. Actions----words.

    The conservatives have some elements within them that have built quite an impressive track record. One impossible not to take into account. Your sheet will be showing soon enuf, but you will try to hide it behind the flag, of course.
  10. These days, hard to know who actually sent the message. Until identified positively, could just as easily be a right wingers tyring to stir up trouble and rally the base.

    Regardless of who is behind this incident (and it could be West himself...who knows) it is a certainty that West is playing this like a politician and making the most of the opportunity. He could just as easily have kept it quite, reported it to the authorities...and let them do the job.

    In any case, don't forget the sheet, the flag, and of course the cross.

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