Is it OK to send an adjustment as a spread

Discussion in 'Options' started by eldorado1, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. will I get a normal price? How does a broker send out a spread anyway? I mean, even when bid/ask spreads are far apart the broker manages to get a price in between. The problem I have is that the adjustment I need to do on FAS that includes 4 different strikes. It doesn't look similar to any known spread and the strikes are very far apart.. I tried sending it as 2 verticals but then I am getting a massage that my balance is no enough
    (trading with TOS)
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    Complex Order Book: a few exchanges have COB that you can route multi-leg spreads to up to 4 legs. The order only sits on the COB, not on the individual legs, or at other exchanges than the one you route to.
  3. So the order will be filled in a fair price?