Is it ok to demand 1 trillion from the tax payers?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ang_99, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. So here we have a pres elect who hasn't even taken office yet and is demanding we spend 1 TRILLION US DOLLARS of tax payer money.

    Am I the only one who finds this extremely disturbing?

    Do you realize thats about 3 thousand dollars from every man, women, child, toddler, and infant, in the country.
  2. Our freedom is already under attack by the new administration.

    No joke.
  3. Obama says we need to put money into the pockets of Americans.

    What Obama should be saying is that we need to let Americans keep the money they make. He should be saying we need to cut taxes.

    Creating short periods of tax rebates does not work. Out of the billions of rebates only between 10% and 20% were spent. The rest were put into savings. Obama needs to cut taxes and then keep intmately close to the spending percentage increasing. Upon proof that people spending he again he can then start to rise taxes. We don't need government jobs, we need spending and business again.

    What he should also be saying is that we need to focus on creating opportunity for Americans to earn money, starting and growing businesses, building equity in homes, working, earning, spending and living. He may be saying it but his solutions don't point in that direction.

    Stimulus packages are for emergencies. The economy slowly unwinding and becoming stagnant means taxes need to be cut now.

    Government NO! Unraveling the chains of the economy YES!
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    And that's on top of what we already owe.
  5. Other Democrat Administrations: Roosevelt; spent money, put up trade barriers, prolonged the depression.... LBJ; spent money, started the Great Society which has done nothing to alleviate poverty after 50 years [but it did throw trillions of dollars to black voters who are still solidly Democrats]... Carter; spent money, horrible inflation ensued, humiliated by Iran, etc... Clinton, didn't spend money so badly, did it by starving the military, had Waco, and a year later got bombings in Oklahoma in return, went to the defense of Muslims globally and got as many US troops killed as GWB did, nobody noticed troop deaths at all until Iraq for some reason, let Osama Binladen go because he didn't want the FBI talking to the CIA, it's nauseating and we are in for more of it, more of the state becoming the family, more taxes, more liberal Supreme Court judges and more money "invested" in stuff that destroys us...
  6. my prediction: treasury auction balk this year, ie, government can no longer borrow
  7. Exactly right.