Is it now safe to say Obama is a war criminal?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, May 4, 2011.

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    Starting new wars....Check
    Invading countries we arent at war with... Check
    Murdering civilians... Check

    Where is the left wing media who made the same accusations about Bush on this one? Its a good thing we have a nobel peace prize winner running the country, otherwise this might get out of hand.
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    Eagerly awaiing a left wing response to explain how Obama isnt a war Criminal.
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    They're sort of busy right now.

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    Leftist hypocrisy knows no bounds.
  6. This is like asking what liberal policy killed OBL...ain't gonna happen.

    But soon Gabfly will show up with some Colbert report on Fox news as defense.
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    LOL :D
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    It's safe to say that you are a complete fool.
    What waterboarding do you hallucinate took place under Obama? All that crap took place under Bush, and the Bushies are claiming Bush should get "credit" for contributing to the mission as a result of THEIR waterboarding. As usual, you fuckwits are trying to have it both ways: Obama "somehow" used waterboarding to get intel BUT ALSO all the intel from waterboarding means Bush gets credit.

    As far as Obama "starting new wars", exactly zero Americans have died as a result of airstrikes on Libya, and 5000 died as a result of Bush's invasion and occupation of Iraq. Not that I expect you to appreciate the difference because, what, being a wingnut is brain damaging? Yeah based on all the evidence, I'm going with that one.
    Poor baby, I know you're scared. You can no longer play that lameass "weak on defense" card in 2012. Sucks to be you. :D
  9. Could be the dumbest fuck post in ET's history.

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    LOL i was just thinking the same thing. :D
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