is it me

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    or is the dow jumping all over the place, seems like I cannot find a real time quote on the dow,
  2. Same here...had to go to CNBC.
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    this is just incredible, every is so out of whack.
  4. DJIA doesn't look right when you look at the other indices.
  5. Its impossible to trade random noise at its finest. I must not be a daytrader, I cant seem to stomach these 50 point swings in 30 seconds.
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    great day for me! bought the opening, and staying long all day unless it makes new lows on the day which is entirely possible in these kinds of wild markets. Meanwhile, riding the money train. Loving my mentor right now.
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    who me !:D
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  9. Did you see CNBC clip a little while ago from the floor of the NYSE....interesting that he stated that 23 out of the 30 DOW comps are down yet the DOW flat lines for15 minutes at the start. Then you look at the opening volume spike it is bizzare. Maybe the shorts were of set with the bulls buying.
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    ah maybe fed. intervene ?

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