Is it me or is the market in slow motion today?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. pass the no doze
  2. it's not you
  3. Usual slow upmove without a will continue slow upmove unless we get bad employment reports later this week/random EU comment spooks us on Greece.
  4. It's not you, but the market is really slow nowadays...what's happening anyway?
  5. lakai


    volume is brutal.. nothing but a bunch of peanut farmers lately..
  6. i've been sittin on the sidelines too...this volume just sucks. renko system don't hack it
  7. bring back Fall peak to 20,000 leagues under the
  8. its a sign that the market is going to continue up.. Up moves happen in slow motion.. The big boys dont like bringing the market up on high speed... They have to sneek it up.. Dont believe me? Just watch the charts...
  9. watch the nq chart today....1:00 o'clock...cst.....sell @ 59.......goes to 46........13 pts x 5 cars=65 pts..x $20 = 1300.00........and u say slow dozing moves..r u kidding?
  10. as my old trading boss used to say "it ain't rocket scientist".....after he lost 5 million dollars in 5 years of doing it
    "his way" he quit......I left him as soon as I realized he was not that sharp and he did not appreciate other ideas......he made huge millions in another business where he was king of the world and would not accept that he was not king of this new world of intraday trading eminis. to say the moves are too slow to trade with huge success means one needs a few more years of study...
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