Is it me or is Michelle Caruso-Cabrera defending wallstreeters commiting crimes?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by mahram, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Why was cnbc's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera all upset that the sec was going after wallstreeters committing insider trading? Its like shes defending them. In fact all of those guys just on were defending them.
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    she wants insider trading to be legal...
  3. They're irrelevant. Unless its Ben Lichtenstein early morning, Santelli, or Cashin they are pathetic. Ok throw Gasparino a bone once in awhile.

    I have them muted just in case there is breaking news flash.
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  5. it just makes it so obvious that alot of them seemed owned by wallstreeters. Well not paid but they want to suck up b/c they are afraid to offend their news contacts. That michelle woman is such a suck up.

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    Of course. If you don't suck ass you Ratiganized.

  7. Well with their recent pimping/pumping of GE that was crystal clear. I love some of the "reasons" they come up with after the fact to explain things.
  8. Do you really think Gasparino ever picked up a check in his life?

    CNBC is, as a wise man once said, a "24 hour informercial for hedgefunds."

    Eventually, even idiots will figure out if you put money in one of these coffeecans (notice I refrained from saying "invest"), it will disappear. Invest in five, have one disappear, tell me how you make out net-net.
  9. funny!

    no, I don't suppose he ever earned a salaried job on wallstreet, what with he's always spilling beans on what he just heard....

    wonder why he keeps hearing things, if it weren't so that he could spill beans....

    blue horseshoe....