Is it me or do they say the same thing every year...

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    Every year I read the same thing, slowing holiday sales, consumers are spending less this year due to this or that...then towards middle of December to mid Jan the sales figures come in and there better then expected...

    Consumers are entering the holiday shopping season with the intention to shop cautiously, according to a survey of 2,500 US adults out today from the Boston Consulting Group.

    Nearly a third of Americans say they're less likely to make a major purchase in the next three months, the survey found, but a softening in home values is having little impact on their spending habits.

    "Americans remain optimistic and are smart and cautious spenders, even during the holidays," said Boston Consulting Group senior vice president Michael J. Silverstein said in a statement. "Interestingly, the view about home prices is, 'I'm not moving, and I don't rely on paper profits from my house, and I have every expectation that values will return or stay strong."