Is it me, or are there more pychologically deprived posters on ET

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ktmexc20, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. This board has been in a severe down trend pertaining to intelligent posting.

    I rarely find anymore, substantive posts to comment on.

    Compared to a few years ago, this whole board is becoming more and more of a sad session of the Chit Chat forum, as posts are dominantly reflecting this depravity.

    It's too bad. This used to be a good place to talk shop.
  2. I would have to agree. All of ET has been overrun by Jackers. The place is a Johnny One Note.
  3. They'll all be shaken out in the next big correction.

    They don't call them "corrections" for nothing, eh?
  4. How ironic that ET's first, and most original Arschloch would be my first responder. Hi Hypo :)
  5. There are still good options and fuutres nuggets and posters buried, and I assume stock stuff but you do have to dig through the chit chat like arguing.

    People argue over "edge" and "P&L" statements and which strategy is best or whether Cramer is smart or not, etc....

    Why argue with random anonomous people lol...

    So you just have more crap to dig through but the good stuff is still there... somewher....
  6. Hows the old saying go, "I know theyre cheating but its the only game in town."
  7. Yeah but where's the intelligent dialog gone. It's just gone.
  8. Ktmexc20. Hi. I may be an asshole (OK, I AM), but at least I TRADE. Profitably. And I didn't need to slobber all over anybody to get them to teach me how. I paid good money to learn it the hard stupid way. The way that leaves no body else to blame for your trading faults. I'm still waiting for the latest batch of Jackers to start using real money. It will be the high light of my year. Best regards.
  9. I miss the good 'ol days, bickering with you.
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