is it love or money ??

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  1. in order to gauge a unique sentiment factor, i pose to you a question: if you were wealthy, meaning an income in excess of one million dollars(us) a year outside of trading, would you still trade ??? are you in this game for love or money ???

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    I don't know. How about someone here, give me a salary of over 1m so I can find out:D
  3. Publias

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    I do it all for the LOVE! :)

    Looking back along my journey I would have to say that my early motives were of a purely financial and external nature... But then a funny thing happened, I fell in love with her, and for a while the act was perpetuated by a mixture of both, money and external rewards as well as a pure aesthetic enjoyment of the game... Over the last year or so though, my ambitions (for lack of better word) have pretty much transcended both and gone to a much much much deeper meaning and purpose for me... This game has literally become an extension of me, an expression of my entire being...

    BUT The spoils also are very nice...

    PEACE & Goodtrading MS,
  4. That is a interesting question. I got in for the love. Now I just want my money back.

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    What do you mean "if" ?!?!

    SIR !! I take offense at that !!
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    At a certain point I think it stops being about the money and starts being about the "game"---the competition---with the money just being a way of keeping score (I don't know this for certain....I'll let you know when I get there).

    I suspect you'd get a similar answer out of Tiger Woods if you asked him the same question about what he does.
  7. Both.
  8. i voted yes. glad i could put everyone at ease.
  9. It must be the love of the game, since I still have some money "On Loan to the market" Still staying afloat and learning though.
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    Trading is a game.
    Winning game is fun
    Having fun is a great entertainment
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