Is it legal?

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  1. I have huge potential for trading funds of USA citizens through OANDA.

    Can someone advise if it's legal for me, non USA citizen, without any NFA registration to:

    a) manage this money
    b) advertise my services for USA citizens

    what do is the best way for me to execute this scenario?

    Andrew Vorobyov
  2. You certainly cannot advertise in the US without appropriate registration...
    And then HOW you can advertise is heavily regulated.
  3. If the potential is 'huge' then just register. What's the big deal?
  4. sim03


    a) yes, up to 15 clients

    b) no
  5. sim03


    The OP is based in Israel. Why in the world should he jump through NFA's hoops, now and forever, unless he is a masochist?

    Should be plenty of fish (prospective clients) outside the US to realize his "huge potential."
  6. US registration only makes sense today...
    If you need to be a Stooge in a Suit...
    And want to hard sell "financial products" to mooks.

    Or you want to do something Big.

    You can pretty much run any trading operation less than $10,000,000 capital...
    Through a broker like IB...
    Or if bigger... offshore... through a broker like IB.
  7. If I will post on the site these standard NFA disclaimers will it some how help to get legal shield or it's just a fuss and I still will be breaking law?

  8. If he wants to play in the US, then you will play by the rules of the US.

    Seems simple enough to understand.

    If he does not want the US based clients, then this discussion is meaningless. He obviously WANTS US based clients, so register. It's not hard or anything.

    Again, if the potential is 'huge' for US based clients, then registering is the smart thing to do.
  9. Either register or don't prospect US clients. This is not that hard to comprehend.

    If you have 'huge' potential, just pay an attorney to do it so you can recognize this 'huge' potential.

    It seems odd that you are trying to find any way to skirt the law with this 'huge' potential just waiting there. Common sense would say get registered and get the money!!

    For someone to sit here and try to think of things around registering just says you are not confident in your 'huge' potential and want to be able to disappear quickly into the sunset.

    I assume this is you, Andrew? Your screen name gave it away.


    Hard to tell if you are making money or not with the many deposits, withdrawals, etc.
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