Is it legal to use performance enhancing drugs for trading?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NanoTick, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. First has anyone tried anything that worked?
    Does it have to be approved by SEC?
  2. auspiv


    how is anyone going to know what you're doing to trade? its not like you have to go out and tell the world before you click the button "buy 1 market".

    even if there are regulations against drugs while trading, they'd be very unenforceable.

  3. This website gets better by the week :D
  4. It's legal but if you are caught you won't be eligible for the trader's hall of fame.
  5. dbell66


    I doubt there are any drugs strong enough to help with your problem........
  6. LVMises


    Chuck Norris uses drugs to decrease his performance to prevent the SEC from finding out how much money he makes selling short on down ticks
  7. blow and booze is ok but the irs wants a cut. on the other hand the sec is clueless. :D
  8. Try Ritalin. Really makes you concentrate on whatever you are doing!
  9. Only if you're wearing a Yankees cap and trading with Madonna under your desk :D
  10. the short answer is yes BEER is legal :D
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