Is It Just Me...

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  1. Is it just me,

    or are a very high % of these experienced traders A-holes.

    Hopefully, this thread will be a bit friendlier than the last one I posted. I truly am here to learn.

    I hope that some of the other people who were involved in the other discussions don't look here because it is probably "beneath their level of expertise". In particular if optionscoach feels like responding please don't.

    there was a very reasonable post by another FNG and some of these people jumped all over him.

    I have but one ques

    -Are there any truly worthwhile home study courses out there or do you really need a professional mentor?? if yes which??
  2. Why don't you just put a few hundred dollars in one of those unit size trade ticket firms in Retail Spot forex? seem like a reasonably intelligent fellah..

    Let the school of hard knocks teach ya...

    Follow some systems here in ET...

    Good trading to you...

    Michael B.
  3. Maybe they are experienced but not profitable... that would explain the grumpiness
  4. Hey chap,

    Keep hold of your money, basically all the information in expensive home tuition courses is available in relatively cheap books.

    My suggestion to you is to find a method that works, and devote all your time to mastering both its tendencies, and your own discipline.

    Learning to trade is much like learning to ride a bike. You don't learn how to do it until you've fallen off a few times.

    For a method that works, look no further than Trader28Lite's very own Simple Profitable Method thread here on ET.

    Best of luck :)
  5. learning to trade is a journey. so subscribe to all the mags, read all the books, take some course, get into a trading room if you can. a mentor is helpful. keep a journal. budget a few years living expenses plus trading capital.get your head handed to you a few hundred times taking trades. cry,scream, laugh,puke, and generally get your teeth kicked in. takes years and lots of long hours and trials and tribulations.

    if you aree not prepared to do the above, at a minimum, you will fail.

    probably not what you want to hear - but as honest as you are going to get. there is no magic bullet. plenty of people selling them mind you - and most if not all of them are failed loser traders.
  6. thanks for the input guys.
  7. no , its not you...Who is FNG ? Can you post a link to the thread ?
    Good luck with your trading
  8. One thing I've learn is to not start a thread via calling someone names like A-Holes (this thread) or condescending douche bags (in another thread) and then say something like hopefully you hope this thread is a bit friendlier (this thread)...

    You can't call names while at the same time asking for traders to be friendlier or helpful.

    My point, if your really here to learn...

    Leave the name calling at the door and let others do it.

    You can still stick to your principles without getting into chit chat like debates with others that seem to dwell on such for entertainment.

    Some traders here at ET will try very hard to draw you into a chit chat discussion with antagonistic comments under the facade of being helpful or informative.

    Stand your ground, don't call any one names, stick to the facts nor have a gang like mentaility...

    They'll either quickly leave you alone or put you on ignore because they couldn't get underneath your skin.

    Calling someone names or resorting to personal attacks implies you have allowed them to get underneath your skin and you become just like them.

    I'm serious.


  9. There are certainly some who could be classified as "A-Holes", but that would be true of the general population in any other profession, so maybe there are not more than average, just vocal ones.

    I think some on this board have been very generous in their time and information.

    But that is the thing - there is plenty of information here on this site and others, but you have to spend TIME looking through it. Then it depends on your own knowledge/experience to filter through what you read. Then you have to apply (through your software and paper-trading and backtesting) to get your own understanding and comfort level.

    If people offer good info, that is great and they are to be thanked, but I get a feeling that some get testy because they paid for what they know (in seminars and lost trades) and are annoyed for reasons summed up by Wyckoff:

    "People are successful in business because, while they make mistakes at first, they study these mistakes and avoid them in the future. Then, by gradually acquiring a knowledge of the basic principles of success, they develop into good businessmen. But how many apply this rule to investing and trading? Very few do any studying at all. Very few take the subject seriously. They drift into the market, very often get "nipped" as the saying goes, avoid it for a while, return from time to time with similar results, then gradually drift away from it, without ever putting in the work required to become good traders or intelligent investors."

    If you ever read the book "Market Wizards", each one of those successful investor/traders blew up their account (or their client's accounts) at least once in their early years. They are not in that book because they stopped after that painful episode. Rather, they paid the price, sometimes more than once, but perservered. The unwillingness to pay the price - price in time, effort and frustration, price in money lost, won, and lost again, price in books, seminars, information services, etc - some of which are unbeknownst to you at the time worthless or may even set you back in understanding by confusing you - all of this is on the rocky road travelled toward "earning it". Some are fortunate and pay a smaller price than others before finding a workable answer. Some are not so fortunate.

    Worst among the populace are those who christen themselves "entitled" - entitled to YOUR knowledge and understanding, YOUR effort and work - to be handed over on a silver platter with no work or effort or cost of their own required. It is this mentality that places the masses before the television, waiting to be spoon-fed their buys and sells by a "market analyst". It is this mentality that positions them to be on the short-end of the market stick.

    So is there a quick and easy way to understand and profit? The answer is NO. Get used to it. Then get to work. Or turn on the TV..."
  10. bgp


    just surf E.T. you'll find all you need. did you ask for a personal mental ? there are no personal mentors! just guides.

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