Is it just me...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bungrider, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. to be honest, last couple of days I was waiting more for "What a great trading day" threads

    this week was one of the best ones for me since Nov. 2002, trading NYSE, morning gaps
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  2. Well, than, my appologies.
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  3. whatever it is...its making me think about going automated...I have a good profitable strategy.. when I follow it to the T....thats the prob....
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  4. funky


    i'm with ya baby! so i tried to fix this problem. i put a little more contraints on when i take the trade, tried to up my odds so i don't get chewed up by commissions.....i'm up today! only 3 trades ;)
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  5. "wahhh wahhh ... they won't hand me free money anymore ... waaaah waaah .. i actually have to do something for it ...wahhh wahhhh ... iguess i have to learn how to trade now ..wahhhh waahhh" :( :(
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  6. yeah, part of the reason i'm getting screwed is the lack of adaptation. normally i make a ton more on overnights, but since 1/03 with all this war BS i haven't had any interest in taking overnight positions...maybe it's time to go back to that...'s ladies like longshot who make these boards subpar...
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