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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bungrider, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Trading after 11:00 AM, definately reduces the odds of being profitable, 90% of the trading days in this market past few months.
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  2. Babak


    Adapt or die...the rule is not the strongest, or the fastest or the brightest win...but rather those that adapt faster. I've switched from short term (intra-day) to long term swings. So far so good. If/when that fails, I'll be on to some other strategy.
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  3. no trading does not suk. you suk, bunghead. you always did. you always will :-/
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  4. Did also, definately better now.

    Intraday stuff gave me a headache.

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  5. truer words have never been spoken! I trade only between 9:30 to 11, and 2:30 to 4
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  6. You mean you are awake from 2:30-4, or do you nap from 11-2:30! :D
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  7. Digs


    Only trade 30 min patterns in the lunch hour...Obvious setups. Prior 11.00 am is where the gold is.
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  8. 11 to 2:30 the market slows down, and barely any volitilaty, numb nuts. How long u been trading, 2 minutes?? that u did not notice that!!!
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  9. Ahhhh overtrading...the bane of traders...

    Usually from greed, boredom, or need to fulfill that high you get when you're in a trade (not unlike a gambler)...

    ...Look within, not out!!!
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  10. That was a joke numb nuts...How do you stay awake til 2:30, was my point!


    Over 5Y, FYI

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