Is it just me, or is Trader Workstation a terrible app for options trading

Discussion in 'Options' started by nooby_mcnoob, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. It appears that all the options trading tools are there, in raw form, but nothing ties them together.

    For example, let's say you want to make a trade based on market implied probabilities. Great, so you look up the probability lab. But can you make a single entry on that screen? Nope.
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  2. tommcginnis


    It's you.

    But keep in mind what you wrote: is TWS a *trading* app?
    And the answer is Yes. (Or, "Yes" with an asterisk.)

    *TWS, as delivered, is a glorified spreadsheet. But its configuration ability goes way beyond what (it seems) 90% of TWS retail users do. Interactive Brokers puts out TWS as a Subaru Integra, with the expectation that those who desire a turbo-charged WRX STi will go about doing so, on their own. They have spent the last 10+ years slapping these trading assistance tools together, without regard to how they actually work with most traders' operations. *Some* of them are nice; a *lot* of them should be re-classed as "strickly-Beta" and carry warning banners across their borders. (IMHO.)

    So -- keep in mind that TWS is meant to *trade* -- "One Button, please! -- configurable baskets of contracts on a page -- different countries, different currencies, different expiries: push a button and GO!" ..... Anything more than that is window dressing: BYOB.
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  3. That's what I was leaning towards: it's very configurable, and I'm not yet scratching the surface. Good to know, thanks.
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  4. Corto


    I would not mix Subaru and Integra.
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    Reminds me of a political radio show I was listening to 10 years ago, and a caller into the show was mouthing off about the beauty of hybrid vehicles and kept saying, "I love my 2008 Honda Prius, God Bless America."

    Was hysterical.
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    I really dislike TWS. It's cluttered, slow, and ugly. It seems to be put together by people who don't actually trade.
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    For Options trading, Thinkorswim is the best.
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    I was asking my TDAmeritrade rep to remove/reduce ticket charge but he said he can't. Do you guys pay them or you can negotiate with them once you do enough volume? I hate begging for something that IB gives me by default.
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    I pay $1.25/contract, no ticket. you're probably not trading enough. i've been able to negotiate my rate down by volume
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