Is it just me, or is this market doing some funky things...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Far too many examples to cite. I'm just going with the flow but a lot of it doesn't make any sense.

    Forex is way outta whack... USD is too strong. Stocks rising after little to no pull back from Katrina. Manipulation? It's impossible that this was already priced in due to Katrina making a highly unexpected turn towards NO.
  2. ================
    QQQQ & DIA are still down year to date;
    even though several stronger sectors are nicely uptrending,
    actually suprised QQQQ made the positive % gain it did today.

    And even though QQQQ tek sector didnt polar bear much last October;
    not a prediction ,but tek sector usually does sell off sharp enough in OCT to have some great uptrends.

    So usually go with that flow ,could be nice uptrend or downtrend;
    at the end of the day looks like
    YHOO news called it ''DOW up 69 on Philadelphia Fed Plan''

    And interesting ,OCT tek sell off -then uptrends tends not to be tied to interest rates cuts or hikes.


  3. Manipulation?

    I dont think so.

    For Banks and inst today is another day at work. They have to keep it cool: just business as usual. And sure they know 10% of market cap aint gonna be wiped out from the market just because nof Katrina.
  4. you might have good instincts, given what the dollar did today.
  5. Yeah... looks like the dollar is heading towards it should be at last.

    I could swear someone is pumping up the market over night though. I don't see how equities can be this strong.
  6. Did you see Hong Kong and European Markets, look there for clues it isnt only in the US. I dont get it either, but thats beside the point.
  7. The Kin,

    I agree, it is pretty frustrating right now and I am convinced that I just don't see the big picture whatever the hell that is...

    You have to trade what your see, and I see a demand for equities at a time where it makes no sense. But as I said... I must be missing something.

    We are higher now than BEFORE Katrina... Bush is set to ask Congress for 10 Billion and that's just the first installment...

    We are fighting a war in Afgan... Iraq... Looters and Shooters in New Orleans... and I think this dumbass of a president wants to push into Iran ALSO... I wouldn;t put it past him to push for it!
  8. These are good points. I'm making money alright... I just don't know why? A lot of what's been going on in the market is counterintuitive.