Is it just me, or did the NRA speaker come across like a full blown psychopath?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Is it just me, or did the NRA speaker come across like a full blown psychopath?

    For the record I have never owned or even fired a gun, but i support Gun ownership in the name of freedom.

    With that said, this idiot from the NRA who came out and spoke today sounded like a full blown psychopath, he came out and tried to play his whole speech out like he was deeply sympathetic, and deeply saddened, but the whole thing sounded so phony that it was actually a huge turn off, he was bouncing around between his fake sympathy, straight to attacking other people, and listing off talking points, and the whole thing just gave me the chills.

    The guy should have just shut his mouth, and let their speakers have the debate on news channels, instead of trying to make this speech that seemed so terribly contrived, anyone who saw that today who was on the fence is surely going to think that the NRA is a bunch of monsters. The shitty thing is that much of what he said about the media was 100% accurate, but the guy came across like lobbyist with ice in his veins.

    Surely, even gun owners, and NRA members must have seen this as a horrible speech, some people simply can not make this type of speech, and make it seem real, id have thought that they would be smart enough to see that this guy was not the right guy to make such a speech.

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  2. yeah well I'm not wasting 30 min of my life to wait for the supposedly psychopathic language.

    How about articulating or quoting what you thought exceeded your tolerance and sensibilities?
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    You would have had to have watched the speech to know what im talking about, it was simply one of the worst speeches i have ever seen.

    Look certain people are good at making speeches that are all fact based, certain people are good at making speeches that appeal to emotion.

    This guy was trying to appeal to emotion with his deep sighs, and other shit, and he just came across as a cold blooded psycho, he should have never went there, and the whole thing seemed poorly scripted, like a bad acting job, I cant see how anyone could watch that and not atleast come to the conclusion that the presentation was deeply flawed.
  4. Fine I'm just not going to waste 30 min of my life watching it.

    I'd rather beat off to some good porn.
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    Lol, hilarious. But "good porn", isn't all porn good?
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    It was a mea culpa speech. Atoning for sins of gun ownership. Obviously, the NRA President didn't give a fuck, but thought for political reasons, it had to be done. He was wrong. Fuck the Left and their narrative of guilt. I reject it. In fact, it's the Liberal pussies that share responsibility for this horrible crime. Had these retards not demanded the creation of these gun-free zones in schools/universities, some teacher could have stopped this psycho before he massacred 20 kids and 7 adults. But hey, that doesn't compute in the world of a socialist. Nobody can own a gun to stop a criminal. Except police! Except they arrive 20-30 minutes after the fact, and strut around outside and act tough!
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    See thats why the speech pissed me off, cause he was trying to play the finger pointing game from the weakest position, and he was trying and failing to look sincere.

    When he was pointing the finger at video games, and even found some obscure name of a video game that was online which was about killing kindergarten kids, he just started to look like a desperate jackass, and the fake outrage over the game just made him look exactly like a liberal.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    What i dont get, is if they thought that creating "gun free zones" would work, why didnt they just take it a step further and name the places "murder free zones," wouldnt that have put an end to all murders?

    Can anyone name a case where a person with a concealed carry permit just randomly pulled out his gun and started a mass shooting one day, with no plans before hand? Simply because he was pissed off?
  9. They definitely need another Charlton Heston.Charisma,oratory skills and popularity go a long way in swaying public opinion.The NRA'a current spokesmen is a fucking disaster
  10. The firm where I work had the financial channels on during the day so I ended up listening to the speech. I agree that it was a very bad speech and was a mistake in my opinion and I am an NRA member, Second Amendment Foundation member and Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners member.

    The NRA first of all needed to wait at least a few more weeks before giving any sort of response in my opinion. Then when they did respond it should have been to just a few invited media such as FOX, ABC, NBC CBS and CNN invited reporters. This would have kept the protesters out. As far as dealing with semi-automatic firearms the response could have been that some americans choose to own those weapons and some do not. The choice that individual americans make as to what they defend their home with is their constitutional right. Someone living in New York may make a different choice than someone living in Montana. The NRA exist to protect the rights of its members and the american people to make that choice, and not a few politicians and newscasters make that choice for them.

    On another note the local gun shows were packed stupid today I waited in a 35 min line just to get in!!!! Insane buying going on now. Large capacity magazines and semi-auto weapons selling out like crazy. So obviously a lot of people want those weapons and not just NRA members...a lot of the public as a whole.
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