Is it just me or are there a zillion stock market infomericals on tv?

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  1. Late a nite, I flip through the channels looking for something interesting to watch while I do some work. Every nite I see these infomercials promising the sky to people for using their program. Does anyone else see a problem here? Getting people, usually down on their luck, putting whatever they have on the line with these people? Sometimes, you really cannot predict what a stock would do; such as hedge funds selling off on a stock, etc. Getting more and more inexperienced people in the market cannot be a good thing.. Can it? Shouldn't these infomericals be governed on what they say and promise? I can tell you, and I am sure others would agree, the market, especially this one, is a rollercoaster. People knowing nothing and hoping, wishing, praying on this "system" to bail them out isn't really a wise move.
  2. I once fell for a infomercial like that. You may or may not get them where you live, but this one was called "Zero down payment" from a man named carleton sheets. I ended up paying over 100.00 on it. It didn't take me long to realize that this man was a con when the last 5 pages are just the same regurgitated bullshit as the first page, just worded differently. In two days I sent it back.

    As far as stocks go, I see alot of infomercial about Gorilla trades, and Vectorvest.
  3. I miss Waxie :(
  4. Yea, never understood that real estate thing. It just doesn't seem logical. I tried GT, but made more money shorting their rec's then buying them. I see these investment workshops given for free. I see one with some guy names waxie and another one trading to win, and then anothering called trendtrax, and another one trading 1, 2, 3. The list goes on. It seems there is more money in putting up a program like this then actually trading for the little guy. Never went to a show though. A little to cautious I guess.
  5. This is usually when the market does a huge reversal, after its sucked in every housewife, grandmother, part timer etc. Someone has to lose, that the way it tends to work. The house always wins or they wouldnt even try to persuade you to enter.
  6. vectorvest has a funny ad in the back page of Barron's. Something like they turn 100,000 into 9 million in the last bear market. But a quick check at their site reveal their picks only made 8% since 2005, go figure.

    If you had the knowledge to do such a thing, youd be living on one of your own islands through the world.

    Most people dont realize that making just 30% a year can make them wildly rich if they have the time.
  7. When clueless fish come to sit at your poker table, is that a bad thing?

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