Is it irresponsible to have kids these days..

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  1. With huge house prices/energy bills and private school fees let alone University prices- I dont think there is a future for the kids born today- unless rely on the " olds" etc..
  2. kids should stay on the farm and help their family.
  3. LOL- work like slaves
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    Actually the problem with birthrates is that the people that really "shouldn't" have kids, have them in droves.

    The people that are actually responsible enough to have children, often wait so long it is either too late, or they are only able to have 1-2.
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    It's evolution in action. The less fit are being replaced by those most fit to propagate their genetic material into the next generation.
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  8. There is a future for everyone...not everyone has to live by the same standards as you & I are accustomed to.

    Some people will have big screen TVs, BMWs, and a cozy job in an air conditioned office, and some will work 10 hours per day on the farm, drive a station wagon, and have a 13 inch black & white TV that only gets reception from the antenna. Some people will inherit millions of dollars, drive ferraris, party 24 hours a day, have servants that clean up after them and never even have to wipe their own ass.

    If we all lived the same high standards, in my opinion, nothing would get done because nobody would do the hard work that only people who are struggling to survive do.
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