Is it Important to surround yourself with alot of energy and successful traders?

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  1. Hi Guys, I have a question for all you successful traders out there. How important do you think it is for you, as a trader to be in a active, successful, full of energy trading room for you to succeed? I'm in a room in which I feel all alone and it just feels if I surrounded myself with a different group of traders , things might be different. I'd like to get everyones opinion out there. JP
  2. I dunno
  3. You have come to a strange place to ask that question
  4. I think it definitly helps to be surrounded by successful people, but im not sure about hooting and hollering energy. You can feel the energy and competition of a successful room though, and I think that in itself is a big help.
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    The room you work with definitely makes a difference. Try this, trade from home, with no distractions, no one to talk to, no one giving you ANY ideas. Within weeks, you'll be begging to return to your current deadwood group. Now imagine it with an active room. The energy is totally different. And most traders will tell you that they need the energy of the room to be successful. Look around. I am sure you can find a better room to suit your needs.

    (* above remarks from a former local in the NYMEX and CBOT pits)
  6. Its you against the market kid... If you can't take care of it, nobody else will either.

    (just imagine if everyone in the group were losers like you, trying to learn from the others... :D )
  7. Surrounding yourself with people that are more successful than yourself, whether in an office setting or even virtually, can only help if you have any competitive spirit.
  8. rubbish!
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  10. Rubbish.

    If you are a talented quant...
    What you are doing will be highly proprietary...
    And the "deadwood group" will just try to copy/steal what you are doing.

    Upstairs stock trading and futures pit trading...
    Have next to nothing in common.
    (I have done both).
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