Is It Illegal?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by neo_hr, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. neo_hr


    Is it like illegal or forbidden to post urls of members' sites on Elitetrader?

    I am asking because I cant find my thread anywhere and I posted my www there . It is just a simple personal website where I post charts as I cant upload them here and theyre kinda big to be sent by e mail.

    Thank you and sorry if I broke some rule!


    P.S. Ther URL was :
  2. Alex,

    I saw that thread a few times so it was definitely there for awhile anyway. Hope all is well in Croatia and you had a nice trip back from CA.

  3. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    well, it looks like a little more than a simple web site. it is not commercial if it is what you mean.
    however, advertising (even for free sites) is not allowed. we post links when they are relevant, but not just to attract people elsewhere.
    if each member with a website would do the same, just imagine...

    Baron added the feature to post graphs and other enhancements so we can remain inside EliteTrader. I understand you had no bad intention and I did not personnally remove your thread. However, it is not so smart to repost the link just to test the system :p

    advertisement post is sometimes a tough call, but I think it makes sense to avoid posting links not related to an existing thread and a link illustrating some point a thread. otherwise, it is simply a way to divert readers from EliteTrader to go somewhere else (that's ads).
  4. neo_hr


    Well, I sincearly appologize then as I really had no bad intention. I think EliteTrader Is the best BB I found on the net and it is the place I have learned most along with my friend Tacks channel on IRC.

    Anyway, sorry and good trading.


    P.S. How do I then Upload images here :p ?
  5. ddefina


    Neo, just post your jpeg, word docs, or Excel spreadsheet in the "Attach file" section with your reply, and use the Browse button to find the file on your harddrive. It needs to be less than 102K total I believe.

  6. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    yes, ddefina is right, this option is just under the post reply window.. size is limited so you should use jpg I guess.
  7. Use jpg for pictures only, use gif for non-photographic images, especially if they use few colors. Both are compression algorithms.

  8. personally, im interested in seeing members' sites cuz they might have a lot of info that would otherwise be hard to incorporate into elitetrader posts. plus, i dont see anything wrong with posting non-commercial web sites.
  9. WarEagle

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    I'm with traderkay. I have no problem with NON commercial websites, and Alex's site is clearly not selling anything. If you want to sell something it should be on a banner where Baron gets paid for it. But for personal websites I think its good that other traders are willing to share some of their thoughts with others, and some material, if volumous, is better left on its own site, rather than trying to post everything here. Some of the more active members like rtharp and candletrader have posted their websites in the past and I have had no problem with that. They still contribute enough to this forum to keep it very active and valuable for people to keep coming back.

    In fact, I suggest that everyone read the article on Alex's site about money management...its very good.

    BTW Alex, I had no idea Croatia was so beautiful. Here in the US we only get the pictures of war and the devistation that it had. I will have to make plans to visit someday. :)

  10. neo_hr



    Thank you so much for the kind words but I would like to also respect what Baron and Tntneo think and not offend anyone. Yes, Croatia is a beautiful, peaceful country and should you ever wish, contact me so well think of something out so U can come and see it.

    Good trading everyone!

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