Is it genetic or wishful thinking or stupidity or simply lying?

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  1. Ever notice how the republicans are attracted so strongly to those pols who act is they are always right?

    Like Christie, Bush, Palin, Bachmann?

    These pols always brim with certainty and confidence, never project uncertainty or the possibility that they might be wrong, but rather speak as if they got their message straight from Almighty God...

    I don't trust anyone who projects certainty in areas where certainty is not known.

    However, this appeals to those sheeple looking for a strong daddy or mommy figure to lead the flock of frightened sheep.

    One key I have seen, is the way in which when asked a question they don't have the answer for they don't do what is a natural human response.

    What is that natural human response?

    To think about the question for a moment. The natural body language is for the eyes to look up, and process the question in the mind and reference the mind to find an answer if any.

    What do the republicans do when asked a question they don't have the answer to?

    They immediately revert back to talking points, almost like a jihadist or a programmed Christian begins to recite chapter and verse.

    Or the republicans don't blink, and just look straight ahead, don't respond directly to the question and go off on some other tangent...or they just look forward coldly without blinking and lie their ass off.

    Seriously, look at Governor Walker's response to question. His face looks like some middle age bimbo who has had too many botox injections, so that the natural facial expressions are gone. Same with Bachmann, Palin, etc.

    To be fair, many dems do the same thing.
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    I guess there was some recent polling result which upset or disappointed you? Which one was it? I'm surprised by some of them sometimes too.
  3. No disappointments, nothing is unexpected.

    I am fascinated the way in which people are attracted to lying politicians.

    I have a theory that most people these days don't actually love the politicians, they are just partisan.

    So they are okay with their party lying to reach an end that justifies the means.

    I have to go back a long time to find a politician that people actually loved for the person, not the platform or the message.

    In general dems aren't very good liars...they stumble around, especially when caught lying.

    The republicans, hands down are better liars. They show nothing in their face when lying. It is like they went to a right wing CIA school to learn to lie without showing facial expressions, etc.

    I think it would be fascinating to require all elected pols to be hooked up to a polygraph when speaking to the public...and allow the public to watch the polygraph in real time.

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    LOL, you talk about how Republicans are liars, and you include Christie in the mix, and dont ever bring up anything about our "Pathological Liar in chief" Obama.

    You mind pointing me in the direction of a bunch of lies from Christie? Id be more then willing to fill your thread with lies from Obama.

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    No, not really.