Is it easy to find a good trader job ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Frenchy, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Frenchy


    Or do you must pass series 7 :confused:
  2. mizer


    Do you have 5k? If so your hired:D
  3. Sanjuro


    Yes, it is difficult. You need to know someone who can bring you in.

    I do not consider putting down 5k to a prop firm a trader job.
  4. dac8555


    must be sponsored for the 7 as an NASD member firm. A GOOD trader job i thnk is VERY difficult. I consider good being a top firm with a solid base salary at a big firm. 1 opening for every 100 applicants i imagine. Top school, top contacts, top grades, top bloodline help a lot. or sometimes you just get lucky.
  5. yes its easy:confused: whaaat?
  6. TradeSA


    I trade for a top 4 bank in my country and got the job out of pure opportunity exploited, didn't apply for it just told management i want to trade now on my own account (used to be a market risk manager) so i resign and they said "wait trade for us". i had no track record nothing. they appointed me as spot forex trader (NOT dealer) and there i went. just over a year now and havent yet proven beyond a reasonable doubt that i can be profitable consistantly but i am profitable at the moment. i am not performing at optimal yet due to psychological make-up but i'll get there. believe me its easier to trade mini accounts where every pip movement equals $1, imagine your first trade where every pip = $500, after trading my own mini account this huge account (in my opinion not in the bank's opinion) was major and i had to make a lot of mind adjustments.

    so i think jobs are rare indeed and just sometimes it comes looking for you. however once you have a proven track record the sky is the limit!
  7. Frenchy


    Greattt !!
    Usa have a good mentality, show us what you can do the we give you a chance or goodbye.

    Some prop trading want a deposit of 5000, do you think it is honest ?? can you make a living by trading with these firms (how percent ) ? or most of people lost and leave..
  8. Frenchy,

    Do they have horse races on France? You'd probably do better betting on the ponies!
  9. Frenchy


    why , you mean that trading is gambling ???
  10. landboy


    I wouldn't consider you lucky at all... It would be lucky if you came as a bumb off the street and said HI, can I have millions of shareholders money to invest in the spot market? You were already in the MIddle Office, so a bump up to the Front office isn't such a stretch... But again, there are MANY aspiring admin types who want to be on the management side...

    Best of luck trading, it's hard to trade prop at a bank, at least you don't have to "sell" to the instituionals
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