Is it easier to trade the NYSE than the Nasdaq?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by popesidious, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. because it is easier to track the specialist than the market makers?
  2. That's the exact theory. Every order funnels down to one guy who runs the show, rather than ten market makers. The NYSE specialist, the criminal that he is, can single handedly decide to squeeze out shorts, spread the market, or push the market up or down to execute institutional blocks. These inefficiences are much more magnified in NYSE stocks than in NASDAQ and many traders choose to exploit them. You can also "get to know" the specialist. You'll begin to get a feel for how he trades his stock and what tricks he has up his sleeve. Just my opinion...:D
  3. I agree with the previous post. NYSE moves are generally cleaner and easier to scalp compared to Nasdaq moves (on liquid stocks). There is just way too much "noise" on the bids and offers in Nasdaq stocks and it gives me a headache. For position trading, however, the noise is not important.
  4. def agree with both posts above
    only problem is ...u get SCrewed more on ur NYSE fills...but def easier to trade...and proof is in the numbers (see how many prop NYSE desks on the street vs Prop nazzy dinosaurs)
  5. There are some NYSE stocks that consistently f*ck you on your fills. ACI alone has probably taken an extra $1500 from me this month alone on terrible market fills. But, I have probably made $5000+ on him this month so you take the good with the bad.