Is it easier to make consistent profits with forex than stocks?

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  1. tomorton


    No. You cannot possibly believe this.

    In case you're serious, a losing strategy doesn't start winning just because you use it more.
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  2. Well Well there are some thick sods around - Market being available 24 - 7 gives you more chance to Loss - How about more and additional time to prepare chart forecasts. Try again Bud.
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  3. Well improve on the strategy as so you are consistant at winning trades Dear Boy.
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  4. tomorton


    Unfortunately, it seems 90% of traders are unable to do what you say.

    But if do you have a winning strategy, you don't need the markets to stay open longer, you're already making money. What traders should then be doing with a winning strategy is enabling it to work better for them so they can trade fewer hours.
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  5. Yes well said I do agree with the second part as to trading fewer hours - The traders that are successful are the traders that stood up and completed the course through the Forex learning portals and have taken note of what others are doing and saying whilst there own intelligents informed them on the grave longitudinal differents & difficulty which lies ahead. Am I wrong in saying this ?
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  6. syniczfx


    Erm... You do know that you can still access the charts even when markets are closed right?
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  7. Esha.J


    Right, more ways or situation to lose money. Money and risk both should be managed.
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  8. FX_Hedge


    One major reason I shifted all my automated trading to FX is the ability to scale up. With roughly 5 Trillion a day traded in FX the scale up possibilities are mind boggling with a good system.
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  9. Not necessary to trade forex using leveraged forex. Any American can trade forex through forex futures. It could be even better because futures trade on a well-regulated exchange.
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  10. maxinger


    for me ...

    Is it impossible to make consistent profits with forex and stocks.
    Is it easier to make consistent profits with futures.
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