Is it easier to make consistent profits with forex than stocks?

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  1. Yeah, indeed there are many ways to deal in to earn money online, but for me the Forex Trading is the best way to make money online.
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  2. Esha.J


    There is no doubt about so many opportunities for making money online. The fact is that there are so many ways to make money. We jusst need to find the right way for us.
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  3. doggyfx


    Unfortunately its not theory but pointless observations with invalid conclusion.
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  4. Gramp


    I prefer forex cause I have experience and know something about it. But I can't say anything about stocks cause my knowledge doesn't go very far. But I think with stocks even clearly successful strategy won't be as profitable as in forex.
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  5. Yeah, Forex Trading would be a good amount of knowledge and experience and skills to become successful in it, thus you need to have proper amount of practice to become a successful trader.
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  6. fxchess


    I don't think so, the benefit of forex trading is you can trade in both side. But it also include risk when you want to earn in both side.
    Remember, forex market was effect than stock market. So, if any news or crash, forex markets always respond immediately.
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  7. doggyfx


    You have to care about how to reduce risk, then you can think about profit
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  8. Though Forex is too much Risky, but if we learn about proper risk management and money management it is too much rewarding too. You need to develop a proper trading plan to become a successful trader.
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  9. Yes I agree with the fact. Though stock and currency both financial assets I think that working with currency is easier than stock. Because stock market is more volatile than forex market and due to uncertainty in the stock market I am a working as forex trader since 2016. And again forex market requires small investment than stock and with small money trader can earn more money if he can properly manage his currency pair trading.
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  10. Indeed the Stock Market is quite a easy than the Forex Market. But the Forex is the hugest market, thus I am learning to gain proper knowledge to make money through the Forex Trading.
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