Is it easier to make consistent profits with forex than stocks?

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    I stand corrected , seems draconian , obviously I'm not a U.S citizen.
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  3. Yeah, Forex trading could be a good way to make money online, but knowledge and experience and skills are needed to become successful in the Forex, without it, that would be only a waste of time.
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    Forex is good for those who are having minds to think and ready to learn the risky market of the world. If you are not ready to take risk of your money do not enter here.
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  5. Yeah, to survive in the Forex Trading knowledge is the key and the minds who are having seriousness to gain it, becomes victorious in the same.
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    Being serious about your work and behavior is always a good way to work. But there are still so many things that we have to consider.
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  7. Yeah, you need to understand that if you wanna become successful, you need to have a good amount of knowledge and experience and skills and thus you need to learn a lot to become a successful trader.
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    This is either very simple or very difficult question to answer.

    There are many ways to skin a cat.
    There are tons of opportunities to trade various instruments.
    We just need to find what suits us, then polish that rough worthless stone till it becomes quality diamond.

    I started investing in stocks,
    then trade stocks,
    then trade forex,
    then swing trade index futures,
    then swing trade various types of options.
    Now I only day trade various types of futures.
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    Key, chief, senior personnel in corporations and governent and central banks are in the game to move stocks higher. There is clarity here. Everyone has a 401k or sumpin'
    When was the last stock bear market. Thank god we've put the possibility of global recession behind us !

    Stocks can go up when currencies go up. Stocks can go up when currencies go down.
    Stocks dont care about fundamentals . Stocks know the intermediate bull and bear trends in currencies will be resolved to favor stocks moving higher.
    This makes stocks easier to follow because stock indicies do not change direction often in significant size.

    I dont know, but I would bet that new FX traders with small accounts end up trading noise by their brokers design.
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    There are so many ways to earn money online with your skills and knowledge. If you want to be the trader then you need to have some skills of trading so that you can make money here.
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