Is it easier to make consistent profits with forex than stocks?

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  1. It is not easy to make consistent profit, you are surely going to lose today or tomorrow, Forex Trading is all about making more profits than the loss incurred, but no one can make profit with their each and every trades.
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  2. For short-medium term trading, Forex might have a slight edge because you don't have to deal with pre-after market trading sessions and fundamentals are much more important with stocks whereas you can trade forex using only technical analysis. No volume in Forex can make things easier for some also.

    Stocks are probably easier and deliver better long-term returns if you're good with stock selection.
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  3. Nothing is easy, not in Forex, not in Stock, you need to have lots and lots of practice to become successful in both of them.
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    Right, to earn money in Trading market we have to be skilled and knowledge so that we can use our mind for trading and earn healthy income from it.
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  5. Yeah, and to gain it, you need to have lots and lots of practice to improve our trades, else we would be just wasting time and money.
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    Everything takes time in life, so as a strategy of trading. Strategy and planning for the market also take time to be perfect in a market. Nothing comes easy and free for us.
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  7. Yeah, everything takes time and thus we need to have a good amount of practice so that we could improvise our trades.
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    I will say learning and practice both can change your trading style and improve your skills for trading. If you really want to be a good trader then focus on your strategy, not ont the money only.
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    This is directed at comagnom, do you mean IB requires $10 million ($10M) to trade fx , that's certainly not been my experience and I find it hard to believe , 10 thousand $ perhaps?
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    Elite traders??? You're having a laugh.

    As far for EUR/USD, no thats by far more difficult to trade that the DAX for which there is a definite edge depending on time of day using a very simple approach.
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