Is it easier to make consistent profits with forex than stocks?

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  1. padutrader


    that said i am profitable in forex after 13 years
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  2. consistence profit from Forex trading is a big deal , really i have never done this , its only for professional traders. and i have no interest on stocks.
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  3. Hsbr2858


    Actually forex trading, and stock both are financial instrument buying and selling market. But which market makes money easier and which market makes money difficult it depended of you experience, and business knowledge.
    Forex trading is not easy. You need more and more Research for earn in forex. Most of the time people loss their money in forex. But some of them earn more with forex. But they learn more, for this they can earn more.
    Stock is same. Stock business is also currency buy and sell business. But if you want to earn in stock market than you have to more sentimental analysis knowledge. Stock market change every moment. So, you should need minimum basic guess experience for stock market business.

    Hope you understand
    Thank you..
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  4. according to me, its more easier to make consistence loss in trading than profit ratio. because
    I think only 70-80% are failing in this business , actually loss is an inevitable in Forex trading but loss comes when we trade blindly and without having knowledge , experience and skill, otherwise Forex is a lucrative business if we will do it with proper planning and strategy.
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  5. hello , Neil , the percentage you have talking about any official statement ? i hv seen percentage we traders give in order to our trading understanding. so its not important much
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    Forex is 100% regulated by the NFA, that's why you only see a few brokers in the states and even fewer offshore that will work with a trader located in the states.
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    Well yeah consistency is a hard thing to achieve in forex trading but working hard and practicing can definitely help you become a good trader.
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  8. Coner1980


    If you trade Forex within a day, by scalping or just making 3-5 orders during a day, then Yes, it will be more profitable.

    It’s possible to trade stocks within a day, but Forex has higher volatility, where you can catch more profit.

    In tong-term trading – Stocks are more profitable than Forex.
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  9. Different. Not easier.
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  10. from from scalping depends on your trading spreads and the knowledge you have , it brings profit within very short time than others system even though sometimes it causes a great risk.
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