Is it easier to make consistent profits with forex than stocks?

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  1. As a newfag trader this is what attracted me to Forex, and since I'm just learning I want to start off small as well as slowly.
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    I don't think so. :rolleyes:
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  3. awesome
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  4. Esha.J


    Forex market and stock market both have buying and selling of currency and stock, changes in price fluctuation tends the trader and broker to earn profit. It depends on the market condition and strategy used by the trader w.r.t profit.
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  5. bulls95


    I think it depends on your experience too. If you are good with forex, stick to it, if you are good at understanding stocks, than that would sound good to you.
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  6. Coner1980


    Forex is a great way to make money and I am also a full-time trader and these tips can help me a lot to go forward in Forex and make money. I would like to say that Forex can also be risky for those traders and newbies who want to become rich quickly because Forex is not a quick rich program.
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  7. Esha.J


    For any Good trader having skills, knowledge of trading and having confidence with patience can earn consistent profit in forex and stock. Both are financial market, strategies can be used for both to generate profit.
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  8. Zalak


    For me, forex trading is easier and more profitable.
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    i learnt trading on account size of 5 usd...........i used to lose it and again top up with 5 usd
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    forex is not exchange based and unregulated so the big boys can do anything they want and not get pulled up by the regulator.

    so it is a get poor program
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