Is it cruel or immoral to neuter one's pet dog?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rearden Metal, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. My Shih Tzu and his balls want to know...

    i won't cut the balls off my dog. that's for damn sure.

    "How the fuck would you like it if someone cut off YOUR balls? Neutering is a horrible thing to do to an animal." <-- gets my vote.

  3. Then I'd never have to wear a condom!
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  5. nitro


    I really did not want to do it, but three explanations given to me convinced me that it was probably the best thing. In order of importance:

    1) My vet, whom I trust and hold in high regard, told me that dogs that are not neutered are WAY more likely to develop several problems as they age, one of many being testicular cancer (I wish I could remember the others - I will check tomorrow)

    2) If your dog "mingles" with other dogs (I take my Jack Russell to the dog park/beach all the time, and even whithout balls, still wants to hump anything in site,) is very likely to impragnate another dog. From the extremely depressing visions that I have of our local anti-cruelty society filled with dogs without homes, my vet reminded me that breeding is best left to the professionals, and not just because of the "dog/people willing to care for them" ratio.

    3) They are WAY less agressive. If you have a dog that has a killer instinct by nature (like my Jack) you better do it or the dog will go nuts on other dogs (males) and it may be very difficult to socialize him.


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    You will be surprised how quickly he recovers. It's not like they're out of commission for a week recuperating. My dog was wagging his tail when I came to pick him up at the vet the same day, and he even jumped in my car for the trip home.
  7. My parents had their Shih Tzu neutered. The operation went fine and the dog was OK. However, it is my perception that Shih Tzu's are somewhat effeminate and the neutering seemed to enhance that characteristic in this dog. Other then that he's a very cute and affectionate dog.
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    This isn't about a dog but relevant nonetheless.

    I'm for neutering for all the positive reasons stated so far. I adopted a cat from the pound and part of the agreement was that I had to get him neutered. I was apprehensive but after, when I got him home from the vet it was like nothing had happened -- no negative reaction from the cat at all. He was walking around the house as usual, happy as can be and he wasn't hurt whatsoever. He's been just fine ever since. I think neutering/spaying is a very simple, non-invasive procedure and I would recommend it for your dog, Rearden.

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    erm.... just how is neutering "non invasive" when it requires the surgical removal of dangly bits?

    It's hard to know the way dogs think, but apparently they have a couple of essential priorities in life which are important to them. One seems a pleasure (and a talent some say) in licking their own bollocks, especially in front of guests you are entertaining and trying to impress. The other is humping most things they can get their front legs around (including your guests). If you don't mind depriving your pooch of his necessities whilst taking the risk of screwing with his mind, or turning him GAY - then go right ahead. Just hope he don't find a way to get even.
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    Every dog I know that's neutered still humps. My (neutered) dog has a blanket that he props up against the couch and humps, and he really seems to enjoy it. :p
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