Is it common to get "Trading connection lost" problem on TWS lately?

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  1. Recently, I keep getting "Trading connection lost" problem on TWS. I am not sure if it is my own problem or IBKR's server problem. I would like to check with forummers here. Do you encounter rising frequency of "Trading connection lost" when using TWS recently?

    Any IB representative here to help?
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    I seem to be getting it more frequently lately. I just assumed it was something on my end though as we had a lot of wind and rain I thought perhaps there was just an issue with an old (above ground) line in my neighborhood that was negatively impacted by the weather. That said, I've also noticed it happening when the weather has been fine.

    I've not been tracking when it happens, so I can't tell you frequency as of a month ago vs a week ago vs this week. Just general feeling is it seems to be happening a lot more this week than last or a month ago.
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    More stable here (Indiana, USA) than in years.

    Generally, my TWS is up between 8am Eastern and Midnight.
    For the past 3-5 years, I would get (what I assume to be) daily server interruptions -- *transient* losses of signal -- around 11:45am, and again at 1700hrs (±15min.s??) -- and (for me) the usual post-11:45pm rout.

    For me, here in Indy, IN, USA, I have noticed very little by way of signal-burps of the noonish and Market Close windows this calendar year.

    Oh -- and to be clear: these are of the *transient* variety, and only rarely (once a week???) have risen to the "Trading connection lost....." variety.
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  4. Haven't noticed anything that mattered during market hours except an odd blip here and there. Late evenings or weekends can be screwy, but I'm not trading then.
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  5. been having it lately even when I log in for about 10 minutes
  6. Can you quantify how often per hour/day/week you get this problem? And when the problem occurs, how long does it last? And why do you assume that it is caused by IB? Could it be that your internet connection is not stable?
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    No problems here. Make sure you exempt TWS from anti-Virus scans.
  8. I quit my Bittorrent programs that were downloading and got rid of connection problems on TWS.
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  9. maxinger


    I get it during mid Asian session.
    It happens almost every day without fail.

    It might be IB related, or my ISP problem.
  10. def

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    Sounds to me like you are on the US server and are getting kicked out for a few minutes over the daily reset. Note, with the shift to daylight savings, the reset has been pushed back an hour in Asia (currently 13 hour time diff to NY vs 12 last month).

    If you are primarily trading Asian hours, send a help ticket asking for your account to be moved to the Asian servers where the resets take place as follows:
    First reset: 16:30 - 17:00 ET (currently 5:30 AM HKT)
    Second reset: 20:15 - 21:00 HKT (currently 7:15 AM ET)
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