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  1. Ones trading career, because he/she is jelious of another trader making more then him/her?..anyone have any stories about this?

    because of this, is it better to trade alone?
  2. Wood474


    If you (or whomever you are referring to) has a problem with jealousy of more successful people, then yes, undoubtedly better to trade alone. However, no point getting jealous and being self-destructive is there - that's ridiculous behaviour you'd expect from a child - with respect. It would be far more worthwhile to ask yourself why they are a better trader? What are they doing you aren't? How can you benefit by their being near/next to you? Don't get jealous and lose discipline, use it to your advantage. There will always be someone better than each and everyone of us somewhere in the world, so no point kidding yourself you're up there - instead use their edge to your advantage. Chill, accept the situation and use it to your advantage - surely a much better way of looking at the situations.
  3. u21c3f6


    Certainly as Wood describes, one should try to use such a situation to their advantage.

    However, one must also know thyself. If one is not able to figure out how to emotionally handle the situation, change the situation.

  4. stisoon


    Its all about mental toughness, use it for motivation and to your advantage.
  5. be humble ... and follow your plan and do not worry about

    the -man in the ferrari whose model girlfriend drives

    the lamborghini to the supermarket-

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    .............about fucking time, the lazy bitch, thought the fridge was looking bleak...........
  7. 1. no.

    2. no.

    3. no.

    what brought this question up in your mind?