Is it Capitalism or Corporatism??

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  1. Corporatism: “The use of STATE power to enhance & protect the economic & political power of a favored few at the expense of the rest”.

    Blurry is the line where capitalism ends & corporatism begins. Mistaken to be 2 branches of the same tree; they are in fact 2 very different trees.

    I personally believe the world has been under corporatism for a very long time, perhaps since 1945.

    The economic-political order under corporatism only brings inequality, wars, fiat currency and huge monopolies.

    We can not understand the full implications of our times if we fail to recognize that Capitalism died a long time ago.
  2. Did not die, it "evolved"
  3. fascism or keptocracy

    kleptocracy is a term applied to a government subject to control fraud that takes advantage of governmental corruption to extend the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class

    fascism Fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy.Fascism was originally founded by Italian national syndicalists in World War I who combined extreme right-wing political views along with collectivism
  4. I disagree, there is a defined line between Capitalism and Corporatism.

    Capitalism is represented by the Private Industry.

    Corporatism by the Public Traded Industry.

    The roots of capitalism do not include "WALL STREET" or public traded companies.

    Land, Labor, capital period.

    Corporatism and the "STOCK MARKET" represent Corporate Socialism.

    Capitalist take risk with "Their money". Capitalist take full responsibility for the outcome.

    Corporatism take risk with OPM and they do not take responsibility for failure. In fact, they get bailed out.

    I deal with Capitalist, I am a capitalist and we do not deal with any 'PUBLIC' money or Company. We turn them away all the time.

    Now a true capitalist may take his company public and then cash out.

    I can go on and on about the difference between the two.

    The problem is, 99.% of the MBAs, Universities, teach Corporate Socialism. They train their Monkeys to follow the yellow brick road and not to buck the system. They do not train thinkers even though many believe they are when they graduate.

    Capitalism is no longer respected in this country. In fact, the US embraces Corporate Socialism as a whole.
  5. You are right. But dont forget that Corporate Socialism can't work without the use of state power to protect those in power at the expense of the rest.

    That's why I call it Corporatism. A world where corporations rule over all economic & social resources.
  6. It's just capitalism with strong competitive advantages for certain institutions.

    Not sure why you think capitalism equals a level playing field. It was never like that.
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    It's definitely Corporatism. The banks have the government by the balls and Monsanto is simply running wild. This country is being run by the corporations. Back in the old days you could only start a Corporation and receive a charter for 10 years and the Corporation had to prove it was acting for the common good. Now we have Corporations that control the government and pump out pills that kill people.

    Here's a definition of Corporatism. Sound familiar?
  8. Competitive advantage is about anything but using state power. I am not defining capitalism. If you read again I said it died a long time ago.

    In a capitalist system you have many companies competing for profit & market. The last 3 decades has been all about major industry concentration; using mergers & acquisitions. Few companies now effectively dominate any major industry. Familiar with the term "too big too fail". In capitalist free market such a thing would never happen. The systemic risk is too much to emerge naturally.

    Many tools have been use to ensure the reign of corporatism. We must not confuse them with being any different.
  9. No, that is the myth of free market ideals. Does not exist.

    Capitalism is about using capital to acquire & control the resources & means of production and using labor to grow more and more profit. There is nothing in the concept that insinuates that it must be many companies competing versus each other. Nothing. In fact, a monopoly or oligarchy is a desired outcome. Competition hurts profits, the primary motivation of capitalism.

    Corporatism is where capitalism ends up. All about protecting their position, profits and keeping competitors out.
  10. That is not what my book says.
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